Rules and policy


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When Visiting The Playground, Please Remember the Following Guidelines and Restrictions:

Responsible adult (age 18+) must be in attendance at all times. Children must not be left on the premises without adult supervision. Our staff monitors the equipment and has access to First Aid facilities, but are not responsible for supervising children. Parents/guardians assume full responsibility and liability for children while on premises. The Playground is not responsible for your children's safety or any injuries that may result from unsafe play or inappropriate use of playground equipment.

Waiver must be signed in order to enter the play area.

Only adults accompanying children will be admitted.

The Playground has worked to design a safe and fun environment for children to play, but cannot be held responsible for accidents or injuries that may occur as a result of playing on any play equipment or for children tripping, falling and bumping into other children or fixed objects.

· Children may only go down the slides seated on their bottom and facing forward feet first.

· Lift arms to prevent elbow burn.

· Allow time for others to exit the slide before you slide.

· No climbing up the slides.

· No climbing on nets inside or outside the play area.

· Pushing, rough play and shouting are not tolerated.

· Please remind your children the rules of playing nicely.

· Remember that words can also hurt. Name calling and cursing are inappropriate behavior and will not be permitted.

Age restriction is in force in the play frame and for the safety of all children, The Playground staff will enforce it.

· No children under 12 months old are allowed in the play structure area for their own safety.

· Children between 12-24 months old are allowed in the frame of play structure area under adult supervision at all times.

· The toddler area is designed and designated for children under three years of age ONLY.

· The infant area is designed and designated for children under 18 months of age ONLY. Please keep older children out of these areas.

Older children are advised to give way to younger children.

Please ensure that you and your children are free of illness. Children who are unwell must not use the facilities. Should a child be sick while at The Playground, they will need to leave the premises for risk of infection to other children. No exceptions will be made when children are unwell regardless of medical condition.

Accidents happen! If your child soils please notify us right away so we can properly sanitize the area.

Adults and children are required to remove their shoes in the play area. The Playground is a socks only environment for all patrons. Socks can be purchased at the entrance desk if you do not have any.

In order to maintain a safe and welcoming environment, The Playground reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone and to ask any person or persons to leave at its sole discretion. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

No gifts, cake or balloons permitted in the facility without a party booking.

No outside food, drinks or coolers (except baby food, milk, formula). We offer affordable drink and snack options as well as a water bottle refilling station/water fountain. Admission prices are valid for the entire day of purchase, so feel free to eat lunch elsewhere and return for more fun.

Please, no outside toys.

The Playground is a nut free facility. We ask patrons to be considerate of our nut free policy by refraining from bringing food and drinks into our facility. Try as we may, we cannot effectively monitor and guarantee to be 100 percent nut free.

Please leave food, drinks, gum and candy outside of designated play areas.

Rules & Policies subject to change as management sees fit to operate safely.

If there are any problems or you need assistance, please contact a team member.

Have fun and play safe!